It May Be Time for Professional Drain Cleaning

Supermarket shelves, hardware stores and plumbing supply outlets are stocked to capacity with chemical drain cleaners to make DIY drain cleaning simple. The internet is another source of simple, chemical-free drain cleaning solutions, such as the coat-hanger trick, plunger tips, the bicarbonate of soda recipe and much, much more. But let’s face it – these tips only go so far.

When a clog is past the drain hole, trap, and into the wall, it can be hard to remove. Manual drain cleaning success is limited to small, acute clogs, rather than those major clogs that have been building for months. If your shower drain is slow-draining, it could be because of hair clogging the trap and that’s easily fixed in about 10 minutes. Similarly, if an object is clogging your toilet, it can be removed and work as good as new again.

The problem comes in when your clog is caused by a more serious issue, such as:

  • serious clogs from FOGs (fat, oil and grease) on the inside of the pipe walls.
  • roots in drains that are obstructing the flow of waste water.
  • collapsed pipes.

When you’ve done all you can, and still see the symptoms of drain issues, you may require professional drain cleaning services.

It May Be Time for Professional Drain Cleaning, If…

Your Tub, Shower, Sink or Toilet Drain Slowly

As a homeowner, you must always expect the worst-case scenario when it comes to your drains, because the situation can escalate in now time. It can literally go from bad to worse in a single flush.

Slow drains can be caused by several issues, including broken or damaged pipes, grease buildup, narrowed pipes, or improper grading.

You Have More Than One Clogged Drain

If more than one of your fixtures becomes clogged at the same time, you more than likely have a major clog on the main line somewhere. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to remove it with any of the DIY solutions we mentioned above. At best, a domestic drain snake or auger might reach, if it is not too deep.

Water is Flooding Your Home

Sewer backups are horrible, especially when they flood your basement, or the area around your floor drain. It is, however, a good indication that you have a clog and that, unless you deal with it promptly, the drain will stop working completely. Greater flooding is imminent, as is property damage.

You Experience Recurring Clogs

Hair in the drains can cause recurring clogs, especially in the bathroom. If you always have to remove hair from the drain, it means that you’re not managing to remove the whole clog, which is why it keeps on recurring.

There’s a Bad Odor Coming From Your Drains

Bad odors that persistently emanate from your drains indicate a serious drainage problem, which needs to be handled professionally. It usually means that pollutants in your sewer system have built up and are leaking gases into your home. In many cases, drain cleaning can remove the odor, but sometimes you may need to replace or repair broken sewer pipes.

It is important to get in touch with professional Toronto plumbers when you experience any of the above issues. Get it touch with Anta Plumbing, your local experts who are proudly serving the community with residential and commercial drain snaking, hydro jetting and other drain services.

Written by Tanya Klien

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